The Solution

What's the solution?

Use flexible technology thats ultra secure!

Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

CPA Tax Bank is not just for CPAs, but any accounting or other similar industry that wants to become cutting edge in compliance, suitability, customer convenience; and streamline their office processes and expenses for ultimate profitability.

We can easily work with any tax software. Built to include the entire spectrum of electronic communications in your business model, CPATaxBank will let you choose any accounting software and any tax preparation software in any combination. You can use Drake, Reuters, CCH, ATX, Taxwise, TurboTax Pro, or any tax software in combination with any accounting package (e.g. Green Tree, Xero, Accounting Suite™, QuickBooks, etc.), you can mix and match and integrate all of your normal day-to-day communications with your systems’ product output. You can choose how to run your business; we can provide the compliance portals and communication platform, and a storage facility that exceeds Circular 230 compliance standards. You make your choices, we make it all compliant, we put it together in one place and make it a system for you to use to organize your clients the way you choose. We also have an optional billing and invoicing systems built in and we have e-signature systems that you can use the with any documents manufactured by other companies. Simply scan and put into our system, and we can e-sign anything in a legal legally binding manner.

Last but most importantly, we offer both domestic outsourcing as well as having work available through our cloud community.