We help accounting professionals build new revenue streams and enhance their tax businesses.

How? Three Different Ways!


US Domestic Outsourcing That Actually Works!


Fantastic Marketing To Drive New Clients for Any Service You Provide.


Education Into Tax Planning Concepts Of The Wealthy.

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With domestic CPA and EA partners to outsource tax work to, fantastic marketing to drive new clients for any service you provide, and education into planning concepts of the wealthy, you can learn how to elegantly monetize your office using all the resources of CPATAXBANK.COM. Outsourcing to other accountants is not a new concept. Since the invention of the cloud, It has become prevalent. But there's a big difference between all outsourcing and domestic outsourcing to CPAs with tenure.

Your team will be seasoned CPAs and EAs with licenses in good standing, located in the United States and that speak clear and fluent English. They will stay behind the scenes so that you may now say "yes" to any kind of service or tax request that you have had to say no to in the past. Want to add international tax and transfer? Would you like to add domestic outsourcing of accounting itself? Want to add charitable planning? Would you like to build your own PEO where you offer what you would like and we do everything else?

A Reliable Workforce

Perhaps you'd rather not add new services but have a reliable workforce to do the work you currently have. Tired of doing 1040s? Let us do them for you. Want to outsource your partnerships and corporations? We'll do those too. And again, there's nothing wrong with international outsourcing. We just don't do that. We partner with 100% U.S.-based CPAs and EAs that are chosen by you from our network, not assigned to you.

Learn Even More...

Many CPAs around the U.S. have either workforce challenges in that the talent in their community just isn't there to be hired or they have real estate challenges, the cost of adding more staff, more footprint and technology in an area where real estate is going for outrageous square footage. By using the cloud, you solve the problem. You could have a workforce of people that would take up less space than a laptop and a scanner on a desk. Whether it's adding specialties and saying yes to work you previously refused or having more workforce so that you don't have to hire locally, CPATAXBANK has got you covered. Now here's the best part.

CPATAXBANK has a partnership with a world renowned marketing team with lead generation processes for new 1040 work, small business tax work, small business accounting work, large corporation work. Anything you could desire to walk through your door, CPATAXBANK has a marketing process for it that is time tested and reliable.

And remember, all of this is on a technology platform that is not just on the cloud. It's a highly secure SAS with every kind of certificate and rating required by any government or client.